Increasing the love for football in young children

Petit Program:

There is nothing better than seeing your child engaging in a sport they love. At Elite Football, we have a training program that encourages young kids to get involved and progressively learn the basic skills and fundamentals of the sport. Our licenced coaches will guide and mentor your kids every step of the way, stimulating them in a way that promotes their sporting development.

This program recognises the importance of physical play in the early years to develop a strong sense of wellbeing in young children. It takes a holistic approach by paying attention not only to children’s physical but personal, social and emotional by teaching them independence skills, positive interactions with other children and how to behave confidently within a large group with care, empathy and respect.

The Petit program focuses on:

  • Gross motor skills – the development and coordination of large muscles such as those in the arms, legs, chest and abdominal

  • Fine motor skills – the development and coordination of small muscles such as those in the fingers, hands, toes, eyes and the face

  • Perceptual motor skills – the ability to receive, interpret and respond successfully to sensory information. Your child will gain a variety of skills including flexibility, agility, hand and eye-foot coordination, balance and much more

Program Information


November 14- December 19, 2020

Each session goes for approx 45min

Age Hours
3-4 Saturday 9:00am on now! // (Wednesday 10:00am coming soon…)
5-6 Please visit Elite Football Club Page for more info, we have now moved this age group to a new structure.

Tuition fees 

Pack Pricing
6 Session Package Petit 2020 $AU120 
Single Session $AU25

Call our centre to book!
(03) 8840 0860