Teamwork, Maturity, Fitness, Confidence and More: The Vast Benefits of Soccer Coaching for Kids

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Ok, we admit it – we’re biased towards soccer above every other sport on the planet. But don’t blame us, it’s not our fault – soccer is just the best sport. So maybe we’re not biased, maybe we’re just good judges of different sports!

Joking aside, there are endless reasons why soccer is a great sport. And all of those reasons are the reasons it’s a brilliant idea to sign your youngsters up for kids indoor soccer.

So let’s get started. Here are our top five reasons why soccer classes for kids are a great idea for your little ones:

Kids indoor soccer is great for their fitness and athleticism. Yes soccer builds superb all round fitness, with flexibility, stamina and strength all rewarded. Our football holiday program is designed with kids of all levels of ability and experience in mind: so no matter your child’s base level of fitness, our coaches will help them progress comfortably, at an appropriate pace.

Soccer is for everyone. Anyone can play soccer, no matter their body type, background or language. You’re not permanently benched for being too short like what might happen in basketball, or labelled too skinny like what might happen in rugby. Our classes are aimed at 7 to 12 year olds, but soccer is a sport that truly crosses age and background divides. So your kids can join in and improve their technique, as well as making like-minded buddies from all sorts of backgrounds.

Soccer rewards skills that are essential in all areas of life. It’s true, soccer classes for kids will teach skills that your kids can use at school, university and as they go through their careers. We’re talking about skills like teamwork, hard work and organisation. All of these are key to success in kids indoor soccer and vital for success in any area of life. Soccer coaching also teaches strategy and sound decision-making, not to mention intelligence and creativity, because all are vital skills to success on the pitch. These benefits of soccer coaching will stand your kids in good stead in the wider world.

Soccer will build their confidence. While this could easily be included above, we think it’s one of the truly vital benefits of soccer that deserves to be its own point. Developing all of the above skills, building their fitness, making new friends, and watching their soccer skills grow will boost your kid’s overall confidence and help them in their journey towards adulthood.

Last but definitely not least, kids indoor soccer is FUN! Yes, it is about development, growth and teamwork, but soccer began because it was fun. And the reason it carries on being the most popular sport in the world today, for kids and adults, is because it’s fun! Our soccer classes for kids are first and foremost made to keep the kids busy by having fun. Our coaches are light-hearted and easy-going, and we throw in competitions and prize giveaways that the youngster love!

So if you want to give your kids a fun-filled winter holiday to remember – and keep them busy, healthy and happy – give us a ring on (03) 8840 0860 and book their places on our fantastic football holiday program.

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