Keeping Your Kids Fit Over the Winter!

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Any parent will be familiar with this kind of scene in the school holidays. It’s the middle of winter and your 7 year old and 10 year old have been glued to the Playstation since they got out of bed.

After half-negotiating half-pleading, you finally get them to get changed out of their PJs and go out to the back yard to play. But 15 minutes later you wander back into the lounge and – guess what! – they’re back on the couch and the Playstation is back on.

Whether it’s their Playstation, Xbox, smartphones or whatever isn’t really the point; but the point is that finding winter activities without the use of the screen seems to be getting harder and harder.

If you’re racking your brains trying to come up with good ideas for fun winter activities, you might be interested to know that here at Elite Football we’re running a Football Holiday Program from July 1st.

Aimed at youngsters of all levels of ability and experience – from 7 years old all the way up to 12 years old – our intensive and fun soccer schools are superb options for winter activities.

Indoor Soccer – One of the Best Winter Sports for Kids!

Soccer is one of the best winter sports for kids as its physical intensity will get them warm and keep them warm. On top of this, and again because of its physical intensity, it’s ideally suited to being played at the slightly lower temperatures we have in winter.

Other great options for winter activities and winter sports for kids are basketball, tennis, swimming and martial arts. All have their advantages and disadvantages naturally, but soccer is the one we passionately recommend.

We grew passionate about soccer because of its physical and technical demands, and freedom and creativity on the pitch. But what we love about it most of all is that, to succeed in soccer, you need character and teamwork.

And it’s for these reasons that soccer is such a great sport to teach youngsters. How many other fun winter activities can you find for your kids that will help keep them fit and healthy, as well as teaching them teamwork and commitment?

Here at Elite Football, our school holiday program might be just the ticket if you’re on the hunt for fun winter activities to keep your kids fit, healthy and happy in a super-constructive and positive way over the winter.

Taught by highly experienced coaches, who will make sure every kid is fully involved, no matter their ability, the school holiday program is based around the following:

-Improving player football skills

-Competitions & prize giveaways

-Engaging in technical football drills

-A fun and enjoyable structured program

-Experienced coaching for your kids

-Increasing fitness levels over the holiday period

To ask us any questions you may have, or book your kids’ places for this winter, give us a ring on (03) 8840 0860. We’d be more than happy to welcome you to Elite Football!

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