High Performance Package

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High Performance Football Program

A fully integrated wellness program designed to help you reach your football goals faster & improve your success on the field.

Are you not training as frequently as you would like? Do you want to play more regularly but have restricted session times to work with at your current facility?

At Elite Football Training Facilities, we understand that time usage can be an issue with certain ‘council owned’ grounds throughout Melbourne. When you have less control of your training environment, there’s a tendency to not have a consistent pathway or plan to grow as a professional footballer. If you find yourself in this situation, the quality of your soccer training could very easily be compromised.

Flexible Football Solutions

Whether you want to train twice a week or 5 times per week, at Elite Football Training Facilities we can accommodate your individual training goals and help you achieve the best results in a shorter period of time. Not only do we provide greater access to training, you get access to expert coaching staff and a wellness program to really get the most out of your playing ability. Furthermore, because we own our football premises, there’s no limit to what you can achieve and how many times you’d like to train. The sky is the limit.



Experience the 6 core components needed to transition your game from ORDINARY to EXTROARDINARY in less than 12 months.

Our High Performance Program includes:
• Technical & Tactical Development Via Our Junior Program
• Functional Movement System (Screening)
• Personal Map & Goal Setting Strategies
• Football Competitions For Development
• Physical Development Program
• Customised Nutritional Advice

(For best results, we highly recommend completing this as a complete package. If you prefer to customise your training package, speak to one of our experienced coaching staff for more information.)

You will receive:

• A comprehensive program to develop the main 4 core skills in football – (First touch, striking the ball, running with the ball and 1v1 skills) in a high tempo format;
• Expert nutritional advice and a recommended personal diet plan;
• Access to a qualified trainer to improve the 7 fundamental movement patterns as a footballer & understanding how to train with purpose;
• A practical action plan & goal setting blueprint that can be updated and reviewed throughout the year;
• Entry into real life football games to establish quicker and better habits with the guidance of our coaching staff;
• A customised physical training plan aimed at developing coordination, agility and speed.