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Moving through an elite pathway of skill development

Our goal is to create an environment that stimulates the continued growth of players nationally

Are you new to football and just getting started? No problem. We have experienced mentors to coach you every step of the way, exposing you to different techniques and skillsets to get the best out of you.

At Elite, we have created dynamic football programs suitable for both male and female participants between 3-16 years of age. Whether you want to learn new skills, meet new friends, improve your passing techniques, perfect your dribbling or dedicate yourself to advancing to elite level, we have a variety of different programs to get you there.


Begin your career

Boys and girls can learn junior football basics and begin their career to stardom in a safe, professional and fun environment. Our professional football program focuses strongly on developing player potential that helps advance your game to levels you never thought possible. With every session, you will gain greater confidence and mastery required to tackle the technical decisions required during a game, regardless of your on-field experience.

The 4 Key Areas of Focus

01 Technical

Building technique and comfort level with the ball under pressure conditions

02 Tactical

Enhancing the ability to make proper decisions with and without the ball

03 Physical

Improving co-ordination, mobility, balance, speed, endurance and strength

04 Psychological

Exploring various psychological factors that contribute to problems and pressures on and off the court

The courses is open to both Male and Female participants

Term 1 begins on the 28th of January 2020!

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