Get Ready For Elite Football Club.


It is no secret that football development in Australia is years behind that of other countries. We strongly believe that every child who wants to become the best footballer possible, should at least have the opportunity to have access to the correct tools, training, and support required.

Elite Football Club aims to provide this opportunity to the young generation of up and coming footballers.

Keep reading to learn more about our philosophy, our methodology, our working methods, and the extra additions that make us completely different to any other junior club that is currently available in Australia.

Our Philosophy

  • To educate and create good human beings through football
  • To provide players with the best training methodology according to our football understanding
  • To provide all players with the best opportunities, environment, and professionalism as possible as we understand that the development stage is crucial for all kids

Our Methodology

  • Development through technical and physical sessions that are always with the ball and at the core are designed around improving football specific movements
  • Development through real time and real space situations
  • Educating young players about the right character to have and all aspects of the game, thus giving them the tools necessary to make their own composed decisions on and off the field
  • Promoting a growth mindset
  • Promoting good football habits and football understanding through videos, theory, team discussions and much more

Our Working Methods

  • Clear values
  • Simple & straight forward concepts
  • Intuition & sound decision making

These working methods are embedded into every aspect of our club in all areas

  • All teams at Elite Football Club take part in our tailor-made 46-week program that will run 2-3 times a week plus game day (Internal competitions, Premier Academy League, Football Victoria competitions, and Interstate & International competitions).
  • Players will receive a training kit that will include a training shirt, shorts and socks.
  • Players and parents will receive constant individual feedback on things they can work on in their own time based on individual evaluations.

Currently seeking for players aged between 5 to 12 years old


Your chance is now:⁠
Trials are starting on the 9th of November
Seeking committed players born in or between 2014-2009⁠

2 weeks of trials⁠