The Elite Junior Program is a basic introduction to the fundamentals of football training.

Start Your Football Journey Here – 11 Week Program For Beginners

With no previous experience required, this is a great opportunity to gain valuable football skills and learn basic techniques such as dribbling and passing in a structured environment.

Improve fitness, meet new friends and have fun in a professional football atmosphere. It’s the perfect head start into the world of Junior Football.

Junior Program Details:


Enjoy group sessions every week

Maximum 10-12 kids per group with 1 allocated coach

Groups are divided into the following age groups:

Petit: 3-4s, 5-6s

Junior: 7-8s & 9’s.

What can I expect when enrolling in the Junior Program?

  • Gross motor skills – the development and coordination of large muscles such as those in the arms, legs, chest and abdominal

  • Fine motor skills – the development and coordination of small muscles such as those in the fingers, hands, toes, eyes and the face

  • Perceptual motor skills – the ability to receive, interpret and respond successfully to sensory information. Your child will gain a variety of skills including flexibility, agility, hand and eye-foot coordination, balance and much more



No previous football training experience required

Standard training sessions conducted within the group only

Sessions are primarily designed for fun & individual technical development

Develop skills focused on technique such as dribbling & passing

Every session includes a game at the end for extra fun & enjoyment

Program Information

TERM 4 INFO 2021:

 November 6th – December 23, 2021
(Total 7 sessions)

*Due to the latest lockdown, term 4 will have 7 sessions only

Age Hours
3-4 Saturdays 9:00AM
5-6 Thursdays 4:15PM/ Saturdays 10:00AM // Sundays 10:45AM
7-9 Tuesdays 4:15PM/ Saturdays 11:30AM //

Tuition fees 

Pack Pricing
7 Session Package  2021

Due to the latest lockdown, term 4 will have 7 sessions only
Ages 3-4 $140

Ages 5-6 $159.10

Ages 7-9 $197.27

Please note that all players are required to train in our Junior Program uniform. Uniforms can be purchased at our centre before your first session! 🙂