Experience what it’s like to train like a professional at Elite Football!

Train with your team all year round

Don’t let poor weather ruin your next football session.

Have you cancelled important football training due to rainy weather? Do you want to continue with squad development regardless of unpredictable weather conditions?

Rain, hail or shine, there’s no excuse cancelling another game again. At Elite Football, we can help reduce some of that winter stress by providing clubs with a range of quality indoor football pitches for training, group development and general fitness drills. If you’re a coach or trainer who is passionate about giving your athletes the EDGE required to be a high performer, our 5-star facilities will you give the competitive difference you need to advance your club to the next level.

You can’t control the weather but you can control where you play.

Other Facilities for Hire Include

  • Bar & restaurant hire
  • Training equipment hire
  • Gym and high performance area hire
  • Video recording for player analysis
  • Meeting room hire

Pro Football Experience at Elite Football